72 Hours

Wax Modeling/Casting/Molds Registration – Online Registration


I hereby apply for enrollment with Studio Jewelers, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "School") and have had Studio Jewelers, Ltd. fully and completely explained to me. I understand that if my Enrollment Agreement is accepted by the School, it shall be deemed a binding contract.



Wax Modeling/Casting/Molds Registration - 72 hours
Tuition: $1,750

Classes are held:

Tuesday and Thursday

This program is:

12 weeks

3 hours per day, 6 hours per week

*The students, in Diamond Setting I must purchase a Basic Tool Kit. The price of the tool kit is $125 plus sales tax (8.875%) $11.10, total price for the tool kit is $136.10. The total tuition fee, plus the tool kit for Diamond Setting I is $1,886.10.

The students, in Diamond Setting II must purchase a Basic Tool Kit. The price of the tool kit is $100 plus sales tax (8.875%) $8.87, total price for the tool kit is $108.87. The total tuition fee, plus the tool kit for Diamond Setting II is $1,858.87. There is no tool kit requirement for Jewelry Repair or for Wax Modeling/Casting/Molds.

**Students who already have the required tools do not have to purchase the tool kit. In addition, students have the option of purchasing the tool kit from outside sources other than the School, if so desired.

All prices for the courses are printed herein.

Method of Payment: The method of payment is check, money order, cash or credit card. All checks must be signed by the student or his/her parent/guardian

Students have the option of a payment plan:
Tuition Fee $1,750 (72 hour program)
1. $800 + $5 (finance chrg) = $805
2. $475+ $5 (finance chrg) = $480
3. $475 + $5 (finance chrg) = $480

The first payment is due before the first day of class, all other payments are made three weeks from one another. There is a $5 finance charge on each payment.

Refund Policy
First Quarter: 72 hours

If termination occurs: School may keep:
Prior or during the first week 0%
During the second weeks 20%
During the third week 35%
During the fourth week 50%
During the fifth week 70%
After the fifth week 100%

Any refund due a student shall be paid by the School within 45 days of the date on which the student withdraws or is terminated from the program. The termination date for refund is the last date of the actual attendance by the student. The amount of refund due a student is determined by the last day of attendance of the quarter.

A student who wished to withdraw from class must submit a written statement to that effect. Date and time must be stamped on the statement, by the Director. The failure of a student to notify the Director in writing of withdrawal may delay a refund of tuition due, pursuant to section 5002 of the Education Law.

Misconduct, unsatisfactory work progress, or poor attendance are grounds for termination by the School prior to completion of the course.

Grounds for termination/cancellation by the School include:

Unsatisfactory Progress: The minimum satisfactory grade is 2.0 or 70%. Should a student fall below a GPA of 2.0 for any one marking period, he/she will be put on probation. The student has until the next marking period to improve his/her GPA or be dismissed.

Misconduct: Conduct considered unacceptable – Possession of intoxicant or illegal drugs on School premises; possession of firearms or illegal weapons; theft; disruptive behavior or refusal to follow instructions or administrators directions.

Attendance: Studio Jewelers, Ltd. maintains attendance records, and students must complete their class work within the time specified in the course description. Both a 36 hour and a 30 hour course allows one absence, while an 8 hour course allows no absences. Punctuality is mandatory, lateness is considered a 1/4 day’s absence. Excessive absences can result in dismissal from the School. A student is considered tardy when arriving 10 minutes after class begins. For both a 36 hour and 30 hour course, two tardies lead to probation, four tardies can lead to termination. For an 8 hour course, two tardies lead to probation, and three tardies can lead to termination.

A certificate will be issued to all students that have met the requirements and standards of the School.

The School cannot guarantee employment, but will provide graduates with assistance and job leads upon graduation.

School Information:
The School is open:
Monday and Wednesday 9am – 9pm
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
9am – 6pm
9am – 3pm